Eliot Rendleman's
Professional Writing Portfolio

Resources (or another type of legitimate professional page)

Dear Students of 3171,

You have two choices when it comes to this page. You can either do a "resources" page that includes a list of links and descriptions of helpful resources or professional organizations you use for writing and for career planning in professional writing. For example, Purdue OWL is a good writing resource. What are a few others you can think of? What about the professional writing webpage for the English department? Any others? I'm sure you can think of many!

Or you could consider this a wildcard page. That is instead of "Resources" you could call it "About Me" or "News & Events" or anything else pertinent to you (but professional, ideally related to your career goals or academic goals). Take a look at literary journalists' web pages (Annie Dillard, Joan Didion, Dinty Moore). See what they do instead of a "Resources" page.